What To Expect From Professional Presentations

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A lot of companies today are looking to make their current business bigger. And with this, they need to convince investors and other businesses to take the risk and invest their money. Of course, this is something easier said than done. What should you do in order to convince a CEO of a large company to risk some of their assets to your efforts?

It is a good idea that you get the leading presentation design services of the pros if you don’t have an idea how to do this. Let’s admit that if it is millions of dollars at stake, you can’t risk having a DIY presentation that was rushed overnight. What you want is a thoroughly planned and presentation. Here are some things that you see with the works of the professionals.

They skip the stock template

It is a usual practice to skip the stock templates on presentation software. The idea is to keep the readers engaged. Now, let’s admit that presentations can be a bit boring if you use the stock template provided by your presentation software.

Minimal lines

As rule of thumb, you still need to do all the talking. You don’t want to be reading the presentation, as if your audience also couldn’t read. You want to be discussing things, and not the slides have everything. You want to make sure that per slide, it doesn’t exceed six lines.

No to bullet points

Another unorthodox use of slides is to skip the bullet points. Bullet points can be a bit crazy. If you will look at the presentations made by the pros, you typically don’t see them use bullet points. What pros do is to let the speaker use his story to tell the presentation.

Know your fonts well

What fonts should you use? Typography is a great addition to the work of the pros. A lot of pros are using the sans serif fonts in order to have a minimalist and modern feel on the presentation. This can be a good thing especially if you want your audience to stay glued on what you are talking about.

Aside from the fonts, you also need to know the right font size. Is the font too big, or the font too small? You want to test the presentation to your friends or people who could critique whether or not the size of the font is too small or not.

Contrast between the images and texts

If you are using images as a background, you need to always ensure the contrast. You want to make sure that the texts can be read perfectly.

You have to understand that there are many things that you need to worry of if you are going to present slides to an audience. You also have to remember that slides shouldn’t be read out loud. Instead, it should only serve as a guide for your audience. They could even take note of things that they need to remember using the slides. For the rest, you need to practice your lines.