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Although online reviews of products can be very useful, it must be remembered that some review sites are actually sponsored by manufacturers and so the manufacturers expect their particular products to receive glowing reviews, better than other manufacturer’s similar products. Even if a review site is not sponsored by anyone in particular and can, therefore, be totally impartial, they can only give their own personal opinions on the quality, convenience or other qualities a particular product may have.

Having said that though, looking at several review sites for similar products should allow you to determine which particular product would best suit your needs and budget. For instance, a site which may state Best counter depth refrigerator may be unbiased but the different types of counter depth refrigerators appeal to different people for different reasons.

A counter depth refrigerator only refers to the depth of the refrigerator compartment and no other features which can vary greatly. There are five main types of counter depth refrigerators and they are freezer on top, freezer on the bottom, French door, side by side and single door refrigerators. A reviewer may have a particular preference for one type but your personal preference may be for a different type and so what these review sites are best used for is comparing the same types, one brand against another.

In the case of refrigerators, although there are several different brands, most of them build similar styles refrigerators and of course demand their own individual prices. This means that you could probably choose your preferred style without assistance but would appreciate any assistance available, such as review sites when it comes to determining which brand you should buy.

Although freezer on the top styles of the refrigerator, which have a refrigerator compartment beneath a freezer compartment, each with their own doors, has traditionally been the most popular style, its popularity is quickly being caught up with by French door style refrigerators. French door style refrigerators feature two refrigerator compartments side by side and a freezer compartment separate either on top or below. This style obviously has a total of three doors, one to each compartment and can be energy saving as only half of the total refrigerator compartment space needs to be accessed at any one time.

Also gaining in popularity are the side by side style refrigerators. As their name suggests, this style has two compartments side by side, each with its own door but one of the compartments is a freezer and one is a refrigerator. This style allows for equal ease of access to both the refrigerator and the freezer, something some people prefer. Although less popular than the others, single door refrigerators have just one door to both the refrigerator and the freezer but do have appeal to some people, mainly to those that live in small apartments as this style is usually far smaller than the other styles.

As you can see, different styles may appeal to different people and so it is the brand which needs to be decided.